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Equipment & Facilities

Our equipment is the latest state of the art design and incorporates some of the most trusted and reliable components in the elevator industry around the world Some of which are, Usha Martin ropes, Monteferro Guide Rails, Motors from Sharp / Helicon / Heena / Montanari, and Hydraulic kits are supplied from GMV. All other major components of the elevator like Cabin, Car frame etc are all custom built in house by quality craftsman with years of experience and knowledge. All cabs are completely assembled and checked for alignment and proper finish before crating and shipping.

Our Procedures

Car Slings and platforms are built from structural steel members accurately assembled for solid performance and reliability. Our jacks are constructed from the finest steel products available. Pistons are made from D.O.M. tubing, which is a superior product in finish, wall uniformity and concentricity.

Because we manufacture the complete elevator package, we feel that we have better control of the product and can guarantee a firm delivery date. Our Brand Elevators are Modernized to meet the international standards. We at MASS LIFT SOLUTION make a point that customers safety and comfort comes first. We make it a point that the work is done in a way customers is always satisfied and the work is always ON TIME EVERY TIME.